Bay Breeze Park Construction

Project Timeline


Start Date: April 2018
Projected Completion Date: October 2019
Adjusted Completion Date: December 2020
Adjusted Completion Date: April 2021


Start Date: April 2021
Projected Completion Date: January 2022


The average time for construction is 12-18 months. The construction timeline for this specific contract will be established at the conclusion of the procurement phase.


Total Funding: Between $5 million and $10 million
Funding Sources:

  • Mayoral
  • Federal

The design completion date has changed once again and is now 1.5 years behind the original schedule. The new date is April 2021.

The projected completion date for procurement is set for January 2022. Without further delays, the Bay Breeze Park construction will be completed and ready for summer 2023 kayaking.