Poseidon's Parade 2018

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The Poseidon’s Parade is a free family-friendly art parade that encourages creativity and artistic expression. It is the work of the Rockaway Mermaid Brigade, the locally-run float that has represented the peninsula at the annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. After winning best motorized float two years in a row – and having a blast for many, many other years – they decided, with support from community board 14 and the Parks Department, to bring a parade across the bay.

Saturday September 22 12pm  
Beach 105 [map]  
Beach 105 [A] [S]  
[Q22] [Q52] [Q53]  
Rockaway Ferry Service — from the ferry station, walk towards the beach  

“Poseidon is a symbol that speaks to the resilience of Rockaway. After all we have been through as a community, we can pay homage to the strong and beautiful ocean we can’t seem to live without.”

The parade begins at Beach 105th Street 12pm and ending at the Under The Sea Lounge at the 95th Street pavilion

Participants can march solo, with a group, on a float or on a bike. Prizes will be awarded in different categories highlighting the most creative, seaside and ocean themed costumes.

After the parade, kids and their families can celebrate in the Under the Sea Lounge with DJ, face painting, hula hooping, the Parks Department mobile playground, crafts and other activities.

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